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Order Form for metabolic biomarker analysis of human venous serum or plasma samples. Please note that this Order Form is for university or research institution customers only. If you are not from an academic institution and would like to place an order, please contact us at research@nightingalehealth.com.

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There may be sample material left post analysis. In this case, would you like the Remaining Sample Material to be returned? If yes, we will confirm with you before the return and invoice you separately.

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The agreed volume per Sample shall be delivered in a single tube and all Samples shipped in one batch. Please follow Nightingale's shipping instructions.

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Terms of Service

Nightingale's General Terms and Conditions together with the Appendices are available at: https://research.nightingalehealth.com/legal-weborders
Any term not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning specified in the General Terms and Conditions.

Terms of Service (web orders)

Effective from 2021-10-12

• General Terms and Conditions for Metabolic Biomarker Analyses (web orders)

• Appendix 1 Sample Handling and Shipping for Blood Samples (web orders)

• Appendix 2 Service Deliverables for Blood Analysis (web orders)

• Appendix 3 Processing of Personal Data (web orders)

• Appendix 4 Remaining Sample Material (web orders)

Service Deliverables

The Deliverables of Nightingale's Service are the quantitative metabolic measures listed at: Appendix 2 Service Deliverables for Blood Analysis (web orders).

The Service Deliverables are not intended for diagnostic use. After performing the analysis and receiving the payment, Nightingale sends the Customer instructions for receiving the Service Deliverables.

Payment Terms

Orders below 50 000 € will be invoiced and paid in full upon confirming the Order. Orders above 50 000 € will be invoiced and paid in two parts, 50 % upon confirming the Order and 50 % when the Service Deliverables are ready to be delivered to the Customer. Service Deliverables are delivered to the Customer once payment has been received.

Customer is responsible for covering the cost of collecting, handling and shipping the Samples to Nightingale's laboratory.

If the number of Samples received is higher than the agreed number of Samples, the additional Samples will be invoiced according to the Price per Sample, including an invoice surcharge of 250 €. 

If the sample shipment does not conform with the requirements outlined in the shipping instructions, additional laboratory work may be required to perform the analysis. This work will be invoiced based on hours of work (90 €/hour). The minimum sum to be invoiced for additional laboratory work is 720 €. 

All prices exclude all governmental export/import, shipping, tax, travel, etc. related payments and applicable payments will be added to the prices above. The interest on overdue payments shall be determined according to the Finnish Interest Act (1982/633).